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PrimePM’s purpose is…

to provide you with practical project control services that produce tangible results. A group of senior project control professionals incorporated PrimePM in 2008 with a shared vision. As business managers, project managers, master schedulers, and senior project control specialists with decades of experience, they wanted to create a company focused on making a positive difference in how projects are managed.

Our focus is on reducing the level of complexity of implementing and maintaining scalable project control systems. We specialize in helping project control teams incorporate earned value management (EVM) best practices. You will quickly enhance your project control process or fill your staffing gaps with the help of our experienced process and toolset resources. Our hands-on professionals understand your project control challenges and know how to get things done.

PrimePM’s project control philosophy is to:

Plan for the plan. An upfront plan for how the work will be organized and executed is essential for a successful project control system implementation.

Integrate the schedule, cost, and risk data. This is the foundation to develop a schedule and budget performance measurement baseline. This baseline should be a realistic assessment of the work scope, work sequence, resource requirements, and risks/opportunities. It is also the basis for measuring performance and producing estimates to complete.

Use the project performance data to manage the work. Quality, traceable data means issues and root causes are identified quickly for proactive decision making. This creates confidence in the system to provide reliable, timely, and actionable information.

Establish useful processes and procedures scaled to project needs. Every project requires that “just right” level of project control discipline to support the people working to deliver a high quality product or provide exceptional service.

Implement the right software tools to facilitate the process. The proficient use of toolsets integrated into the project control process results in quality, traceable data at the “just right” level of detail.

Make it easier for project personnel to do their jobs. A practical and effective project control system supports this goal.


Our Management Team

David Scott

David Scott


David's innovative and pragmatic style is reflected in how PrimePM approaches every engagement. He is an experienced business manager, program manager, project controls manager, and master scheduler. PrimePM's approach to integrated project management reflects David's focus on doing things right the first time and helping clients succeed.

Craig Scott

Craig Scott

VP, Services

As the lead for numerous project control teams, Craig has worked with and coached all types of personnel from physicists to engineers. Over the years of implementing and using project control systems on a variety of projects, he has developed practical approaches for implementing process and toolset solutions at the right level of control for each project's unique environment.

Jamie Lite

Jamie Lite

VP, Operations

Jamie is the human resources and business operations foundation for PrimePM. She provides the back-office operations for employees and client interactions. With over 20 years of HR and business operations experience, she ensures PrimePM's internal systems are operating smoothly.

Rusty Williams

Rusty Williams

VP, Director, Resource Management

With decades of experience as a manager and master scheduler on all types of commercial and government projects, Rusty brings a natural ability to understand client's needs as well as the challenges project personnel face every day. He has outstanding people skills with a talent for resolving difficult business or project situations with finesse.