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PrimePM project control support services…

focus on providing short or long term cross-functional process and toolset resources for any phase of the project life cycle – pre-award, initiation, planning, execution, and monitor and control. PrimePM consultants understand sector unique business conditions, challenges, terminology, reporting, and government customer expectations for projects with or without earned value management (EVM) requirements. We have the experienced project managers, master schedulers, project control specialists, cost analysts, risk managers, and project control software experts when you need them.

Project Startup

Process and toolset experts to assist with establishing or re-establishing the schedule and budget performance measurement baseline (PMB) as well as related risk assessments. The focus is on creating the right level of integrated data detail to produce reliable information for management visibility and control. The foundation is always the project’s coding structures such as the work breakdown structure (WBS) and project organization to establish clear responsibility for the work elements – the control accounts. The next priority is the integrated master schedule (IMS) activities and resource assignments with objective accomplishment criteria which is the basis for the time phased distributed budget.

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Integrated Baseline Review (IBR)

Process and toolset experts to assist with preparing for an Integrated Baseline Review or major milestone review. The focus is on preparing the project personnel as well as verifying the established process is being followed and quality schedule and budget data has been established. Prerequisite activities include producing an executable schedule and budget baseline that reflects identified and qualified technical, schedule, resource, and cost risks. The intent is to ensure all parties have a clear understanding of the scope of work, schedule, resource requirements, and budget plan as well as likely project risks and opportunities.

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Project Execution

Process and toolset experts to support the project execution, monitor and control business rhythm – statusing the IMS activities, calculating earned value, collecting actual costs data from the accounting system, performance analysis to identify significant variances, and maintaining the estimate to complete (ETC) data. Includes producing customer reporting deliverables. May include data management solutions to produce role-based integrated data views for performance analysis or portfolio management. Monitoring and control activities facilitates identification of root causes and collaborative decision making to resolve issues quickly – and where necessary, to process baseline change requests to maintain the PMB.

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