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PMWorks project control subscription service…

is a rapid deployment solution that minimizes the time and cost to implement and sustain a robust project control system required for government contracting environments.

This subscription service is for companies either new to earned value management (EVM) or that have a small number of projects with contractual requirements for an earned value management system (EVMS). We understand the challenge of implementing an EVMS and establishing quality schedule and cost data for government performance reporting.  With our subscription service, we handle all of the complexities of an EVMS for you – the process, data, and tools.  We also alleviate your internal resource constraints because we provide the project control and toolset resources when you need them.

The subscription service includes a range of options that can be scaled to reflect changing business needs, available resources, scope of project control practices, and number of projects.  You determine what you need from month to month.  As part of the subscription service, our EVM and toolset experts:

  • Establish and maintain a project control system that satisfies the 32 guidelines in the EIA-748 Standard for EVMS
  • Implement, configure, and integrate the software tools in a secure cloud environment tailored to your business needs to ensure the highest level of data integrity and traceability is maintained
  • Establish a sound schedule and budget performance measurement baseline that reflects risk factors
  • Capture status, produce estimate to complete data, and conduct performance analysis to provide timely and actionable information
  • Produce role based summary and drill-down data views to enable effective root cause analysis and decision making

Interested in learning more? Download the PMWorks Project Control Subscription Service datasheet.

PMWorks Service Levels

Level 1 – The full service solution – PrimePM provides the process, toolset hosted environment, role-based performance analysis data on demand, and function as your project control team

Level 2 – Your process, PrimePM provides the toolset hosted environment, role-based performance analysis data on demand, and function as your project control team

Level 3 – Your process, PrimePM provides the toolset hosted environment and supports your internal project control team.


Fixed price options – select what fits your business needs from month to month

Structured process framework establishes a consistent and repeatable process along with an integrated set of project control toolsets scaled to fit your needs

Project control, scheduling, earned value management, performance analysis, and toolset experts available onsite or remotely – you choose the service level you need


Significantly reduces the startup time and cost – quickly establish a system that provides timely, reliable, and actionable information

Flexibility to respond quickly to available budget, available resources, changing project needs or contractual requirements, scope of control practices, or additional projects

Reduces overhead costs and need for internal dedicated project control personnel – provides a single and easy to use information portal with access controls