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PrimePM services…

reduce the time and complexity of implementing project control software tools, improve configuration and integration of the tools, and align the new tools with the project control process. PrimePM project control and software experts follow a toolset agnostic implementation process. We focus on managing the implementation risk, minimizing the impact to the users, enhancing the project control process to leverage the new software’s functionality, and increasing the quality of the schedule and cost data.

Requirements Analysis

Structured workshops with management and project personnel to gather business and project control requirements. Includes a review of the current project control system, workflow process, data architecture, system interfaces, toolset configuration, and state of the schedule and cost data to gain an understanding of the implementation environment. Provides fact-based assessment along with practical recommendations for improving the data quality as well as the toolset configuration and system interfaces needed to support the project control system.

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Toolset agnostic rapid deployment framework for managing the process of implementing, configuring, and integrating new project control toolsets into your business system environment. Our implementation process focuses on increasing data quality, data integration and traceability, and effective use of the data. We pay specific attention to the toolset users with integrated process and toolset training workshops, aligning the new toolset functionality with the project control process.

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Process Integration

Project control and toolset experts to support the user acceptance transition phase for new software toolset implementations. The focus is integrating the existing project control process and workflow procedures with the new toolset to take advantage of the new toolset features and functions. We also train and mentor project personnel to establish effective work practices using the new toolsets and to minimize the impact of the new toolset implementation on their day-to-day activities.

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