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PrimePM’s Process Quick Start…

is a rapid deployment service for anyone that wants to enhance their current project control system to support earned value management (EVM) practices or to comply with the 32 guidelines in the EIA-748 Standard for Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS).

Not sure where to start? We can help. Our structured framework and building block components reduce the complexity of implementing an EVMS or establishing a scalable project control system that supports earned value management best practices. The foundation of the framework is PrimePM’s online project control knowledge base template. The template is a set of single source topics to help you organize your project control policy, process, procedures, desktop instructions, templates, and artifacts into a project life cycle process flow for project personnel. It includes a full complement of hyperlinks, cross references, search, and other online features. We can pull in your content for the topics and update, enhance, or consolidate as needed. You determine the components you want to implement to match project personnel needs as well as the level of project control rigor or maturity required for your business environment.

We provide the project control and toolset experts to help you:

  • Establish a project control system that supports EVM best practices and the EVMS Standard 32 guidelines. This includes the process description, procedures, desktop instructions, and other user assists.
  • Implement, configure, and integrate the software tools to ensure the highest level of data integrity and traceability is maintained.
  • Establish an integrated schedule and budget performance measurement baseline that reflects risk factors.
  • Capture current status, produce estimate to complete data, and conduct performance analysis to provide timely and actionable information.
  • Produce role based summary and drill-down data views for effective root cause analysis and decision making.

Interested in learning more? Download the Process Quick Start datasheet or the Project Control Knowledge Base datasheet.


System assessment

Implementation plan and schedule

Create or enhance project control process, procedures, and artifacts

Agreed upon process deliverables – online project control knowledge base and print outputs tailored to your environment

Toolset implementation, configuration, or integration

Training and mentoring


Structured process framework aligned with the EIA-748 EVMS Standard provides a proven foundation to establish preferred best practices and enhance project control proficiency

Scalable project control process documentation, workflow procedures, desktop instructions and other user assists either online and print or print only

Project control and toolset subject matter experts to guide and support you through the process


Significantly reduces the startup time and cost to enhance a project control system to incorporate earned value best practices – start with a proven framework tailored to your business environment

Increases the project control maturity level and supports the training process with a core of common best practice process and procedures

Increases user acceptance and proficiency because it is designed to align the toolsets with the process