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PrimePM specializes…

in project control toolset implementation as well as toolset integration in multi-vendor environments. We frequently assist project personnel in enhancing their integrated master schedule (IMS) activity coding practices to enable integration with a cost management or earned value management toolset. Integrating the schedule and cost toolsets helps project personnel produce schedule driven time phased budget data or estimate to complete data as well as to use the schedule status as the basis for measuring performance and calculating earned value. We also assist project personnel to integrate cost management tools with business systems such as the accounting system to import actual costs weekly or monthly for performance analysis and reporting.

The intent of toolset integration is to maintain a single authoritative source for data with specific integration points to ensure data integrity and traceability. This reduces the level of effort required to maintain the data. It also increases the timeliness and quality of the data available for management decisions.

Our consultants are experts with a variety of common commercial off the shelf (COTS) project control schedule, cost management, earned value management (EVM), performance analysis, and risk tools such as:

Common business system and project control toolset interfaces our consultants often assist clients with include:

  • Deltek Costpoint
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Oracle ERP