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PrimePM’s process and toolset experts…

work with you to collect and organize your business and project control requirements to create a path forward to enhance your current project control toolsets. We begin with the assumption your project control process sets the ground rules people follow to manage a project regardless of the toolset. The goal is to establish schedule and cost toolsets that are configured to accurately model the way you do business as well as to assist project personnel in accomplishing their tasks more efficiently. The requirements analysis process captures the:

  • Current state of the project control system, business system interfaces, and quality of the project control data. Is there a single source for the project control data? What is the level of confidence in the data to provide timely, relevant, and actionable information?
  • Business systems and project control requirements as well as other environment details necessary to determine the overall project control data architecture necessary for scope, schedule, and cost traceability.
  • Implementation and other factors that can impact how project personnel follow the process and procedures as well as use the toolsets.

The results from the workshop is the basis for developing the path forward – a plan and schedule for enhancing the current toolsets or adding applicable toolsets into the mix to support your business and project control requirements. The workshop may also surface process, workflow, or other project control system implementation issues that impact the quality of the schedule and cost data. Your enhancement plan and schedule can incorporate actions to also address those issues. We specialize in helping companies implement multi-vendor toolset solutions, establish business system interfaces, and enhance workflow procedures to ensure data integrity and traceability.


Structured requirements workshops with functional managers and project personnel

Process, workflow procedure, and artifact review

Toolset mix, configuration, and data integration review

Schedule and cost data quality review

Out brief with summary of observations and recommendations

Next steps road map


Hands-on project control, scheduling, cost management, performance analysis, and toolset subject matter experts to help you collect and organize the specifics necessary to establish the just right mix of tools to assist project personnel

Fact-based information to help you select the right mix of tools and create a project control data architecture that accurately models the way you do business

Plan and schedule deliverables provide the road map to implement the necessary tools, optimize the toolset configuration, improve system interfaces, and increase the quality of project control data


Leadership and guidance to achieve the desired result – an integrated project control system with the right toolset mix configured to your business environment

Fact-based information and independent assessment of the current state of the project control system assists in the decision making process

Gain insight into the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to improve the overall project control system