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PrimePM’s process and toolset experts…

provide support for projects in the initiation or planning phases to create a quality schedule driven performance measurement baseline (PMB). Our project control and toolset experts can help you with the various project startup activities such as:

  • Establishing the plan for the plan. Sometimes called the project management plan, this is the strategy for developing the integrated master schedule and time phased distributed budget ensuring all project requirements as well as applicable processes and procedures are followed. This can include producing project directives that tailor or scale the standard project control system to reflect the project’s type of work, complexity, risk factors, contractual requirements, and other factors.
  • Ensure the project’s coding structures and overall data architecture is established for data integration, traceability, and reporting. This is the project control foundation for the project – the work breakdown structure (WBS), project organization breakdown structure (OBS), control accounts, and work packages.
  • Develop an integrated master schedule (IMS) that accurately reflects the scope of work, how the work will be performed, likely risks/opportunities, and how performance will be measured.
  • Produce the time phased distributed budget based on the network schedule activities, resource requirements by elements of cost, and related work package earned value techniques.
  • Perform a data quality assessment at the end of the process to verify the project manager and project control team have established an executable schedule and budget PMB that captures all authorized work and reflects the likely risks and opportunities.

Also see the Project Execution page about PrimePM’s support services for the execution, monitor and control project phases.


Hands-on project control, scheduling, earned value management (EVM), and toolset experts to guide you through the process

As needed, PrimePM can provide the process framework to establish the integrated master schedule activity coding and other data integration details to produce schedule driven time phased budget data

You determine the scope and duration of the support required


Leadership and guidance to achieve the desired result – an executable performance measurement baseline that reflects likely risks and opportunities

Supports project control training and mentoring objectives – your project personnel learn best practices and how to use the toolsets effectively from expert project control and toolset resources

Provides an opportunity to enhance the project control process and implement industry best practices to create schedule driven performance measurement baselines