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conduct an assessment of the current state of your project control system, provide recommendations, and produce a road map to help you achieve your business objectives – whether at the corporate level or for a specific project. Our structured system assessment framework reflects the EIA-748 Standard for Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) five process areas and 32 guidelines as well as other industry guides.

The assessment reviews:

  • Business issues, objectives, and requirements for the project control system.
  • The current project control system process and workflow procedures.
  • Objective evidence and artifacts that demonstrate the ability of the system to support the intent of the guidelines, process area attributes, or earned value management best practices.
  • How the software tools were configured and implemented – the overall data architecture as well as schedule, cost, and risk data integration.
  • The quality of the data as well as data traceability. Are there process, toolset, or user issues that compromise the usefulness of the data?
  • How the process and toolsets are used on a day-to-day basis. Do the users actively and effectively use the system to manage their work?

We produce an system assessment report so you can make informed decisions. The report provides concise fact-based information, observations, and recommendations targeted to align with your business needs. As desired, we also produce a road map you can use as a basis to implement system, toolset, or user enhancements.

Interested in learning more? Download the System Assessment datasheet.


Project control process, procedures, and artifact review

Toolset configuration and data integration review

Data quality and traceability audit

Requirements workshops or user interviews

Fact-based assessment report

Management assessment, observations, and recommendations briefing

Next steps road map – implementation plan and schedule


Reviews all factors: business needs, process, procedures, artifacts, toolset configuration and implementation, data quality, how current system is used

Structured assessment approach reflects industry EVMS standards and project control best practices supported with objective evidence

Actionable recommendations provide the foundation to determine the steps, and sometimes the phases, to enhance the project control system or to create a scalable project control system


Catalyst to articulate and capture corporate project control system objectives and business needs

Fact-based information assists in the decision making process – what actions are likely to provide the greatest return on investment?

Provides opportunity to identify and resolve data integrity as well as usability issues that compromise the system’s ability to provide timely, reliable, and actionable information