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PrimePM’s software implementation framework…

manages the implementation process and integrates the new toolset into your project control system corporate-wide or for a specific project. It reduces the time required and the level of complexity to implement a new project control toolset because of the approach we take.

We use rapid deployment techniques that increase user acceptance and proficiency. Management and project personnel see tangible results quickly from breaking down the implementation into executable components with specific outputs.  The development approach follows the natural progression of implementing the project control process: organize the work, schedule and budget the work, accounting and other systems integration, status and analysis business rhythm with reporting and data views, and change control.

Our process focuses on increasing data quality, data integration and traceability, and effective use of the data. We pay specific attention to the project personnel using the toolsets and aligning the new toolset functionality with the project control process. Conducting combined workflow process and toolset training along with toolset specific desktop instructions helps project personnel to become proficient with the new toolset to perform their project control tasks.

Interested in learning more? Download the Software Implementation Framework datasheet. Also see the Process Integration page.


Requirements workshop

Implementation plan

Development iteration schedule with defined requirements and exit criteria

Data integration utilities

Data migration, data quality enhancements

Updated processes and procedures, toolset specific desktop instructions

Combined workflow and toolset training, workshops, or mentoring


Reviews all factors: business objectives, project control process and artifacts, data architecture, system integration or interface points, data quality, contractual requirements, user needs

Data migration utilities and support to establish integrated schedule and cost data in the new toolset

Application extensions, custom reports or role-based online data views, and other user assists tailored to your business environment and project control system


Proven approach manages the implementation risk and minimizes the impact to the user

Provides opportunity to identify and resolve data integrity as well as usability issues that can compromise the ability for the system to provide timely, reliable, and actionable information

Helps project personnel to take ownership and effectively apply the new toolset to manage their work effort