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PrimePM’s Integrated Baseline Review…

support services and solutions are designed to help you prepare for a customer IBR or conduct an IBR on a project’s subcontractor. We can also help you establish an internal baseline review process. Internal baseline reviews provide an opportunity for corporate management to ensure projects are establishing realistic schedule and budget baseline plans for the scope of work and have an understanding of the likely project risks and opportunities.

We can provide the master schedulers or cost analysts to help you develop quality schedule and budget data following your established project control process. Our project control, earned value management (EVM), and toolset experts can help prepare your project personnel to:

  • Gain an appreciation of the purpose and scope of a baseline review.
  • Assess the quality and traceability of the schedule and budget data along with any basis of estimate data.
  • Identify and evaluate project risks and opportunities.
  • Prepare the necessary artifacts for the review.

We can also provide the process framework and artifacts needed to establish a corporate baseline review process. Management or project control teams can then use the established process to conduct internal peer reviews in preparation for establishing a project’s performance measurement baseline or to conduct an IBR on a major subcontractor. The artifacts include IBR planning and data quality checklists, briefing templates, IBR schedule template, assessment criteria template, interview guide, and IBR report template that are tailored to your business environment.

Interested in learning more? Download the Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) Support datasheet.


Project control and toolset experts to develop the performance measurement baseline data, identify and evaluate risks/opportunities, or assist project personnel in preparing for or conducting a review

Toolset expertise to effectively implement a single or multi-vendor integrated schedule, cost, and risk toolset solution to support the project control system and ensure data traceability

Optional quick start IBR process template and set of review team artifact templates to establish an internal baseline review process


Expert master schedulers and cost analysts to develop schedule and budget baseline data using your toolsets of choice

Project control, earned value management, and toolset experts to guide you through the IBR process

Actionable recommendations to update or enhance project control processes and procedures in support of IBR objectives


Gain insight into project personnel’s understanding of the project’s scope of work

Means to verify a realistic schedule and budget plan has been established – and the plan reflects identified and qualified risks/opportunities

Provides opportunity to identify and resolve data integrity issues that compromise the project control system’s ability to provide timely, reliable, and actionable information