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guide users step-by-step through the transition process for new software toolset implementations to ensure process integration with the new toolset. User acceptance is essential to take advantage of and leverage the benefits from implementing the new toolset. What new toolset functionality can simplify and further support the project control process?

We focus on identifying project control processes that can be improved or streamlined and providing user assists to minimize the impact of the new toolset implementation. This includes simplifying interfaces and procedures where possible, establishing templates and artifacts, and increasing user proficiency with the process and new toolset functionality. Specific attention is given to other success factors for the new toolset such as increasing the quality of the data and effective use of the data.

We understand each software implementation, user knowledge levels, and business environment are unique. That is why we provide a range of options to fit your needs. You determine the level and duration of the support required to establish the desired level of project control process or toolset competency.

Our goal is to help you establish a repeatable and disciplined project control process using the new toolset features and functions as well as work practices project personnel can easily follow. Our blog on ensuring user acceptance for new project control toolsets discusses incorporating a transition phase into your toolset implementation schedule.

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Needs analysis

Road map to system self-sufficiency

Data interface and integration utilities

Process updates

Desktop instructions, templates, and other artifacts

Short burst training and hands-on mentoring

Establish project control best practices business rhythm


Reviews all user factors: user knowledge levels, process, project control artifacts, toolset implementation, data quality, training and mentoring venues

Structured transition approach, a transition plan and schedule, supported with objective accomplishment criteria

Proven user assists such as updated project control procedures, desktop instructions, templates, data integration utilities, and role-based data views


Assists project personnel to take ownership and effectively apply the new toolset to manage their work

Provide opportunity to establish a knowledge base of preferred best practices, user-focused references, artifacts, and procedures

Supports corporate project control system objectives and business needs – ensures return on investment in the new toolset